140218: Deep Performance

A) Clean From Blocks @ Top of Knee: Find Max in 10min

B) Deadlift from 3inch Deficit:100/5, 105/5, 110-115/5*3 sets
*based off clean max from blocks

3 RFT:
400m run
3 Rope Climbs (20 ft)
6 Ball Slams (30/20)
9 Burpee Over Box Jumps (30/24)
50 Ft HS Walk


16 responses to “140218: Deep Performance

    A) 335 ( +5 PR of clean from floor)
    B) 335, 355, 375

    (No 20′ rope. 4 x 13′ rope)

    A) 185 (+15 pr from clean from floor)
    B) dnd

    22:47 (or something, with lots of cheats on hsw) (no 20′ rope, 4×13′)

  3. Strength:
    A) 110KG (+5KG from floor- I’ve also never done any cleans from blocks, very awkward)
    B)110, 115, 125


    No rope and can’t handstand walk so did some ad-libbing
    15 pullups
    ball slams
    handstand holds for ALAP

    didn’t time cause of the handstands, just pushed as hard as possible

    A) 165 (+10 pr from clean from floor)
    B) 165,175,185

    22:09 HSW were really bad (no 20′ rope, 4×13′)

  5. A) 145
    B) 145, 155, 165
    23:00-something HSW were more of a skillwork/handstand hold…spent till 25:00 working on them.

  6. A. 266. 11 pound pr from my max from ground.

    B. done off of 266. Rxd. All 3 last sets at 115%. 305.

    Conditioning: 17:30. Don’t know how high rope was. Probably 18-20 feet.

    Spencer, is faith rxd still happening this weekend?

  7. Spencer, I was wondering if you had any advice on what I could do to fix getting slammed down in the hole on squat cleans. I seem to just drop under the bar when I go to catch. Thank you for the great programming.

  8. A) 225 (cleans felt hard as hell today… couldn’t get 225 until i added another inch on the platform so the bar was more in the hang position on the knee instead of literally on the upper side of my mid kneecap)

    B) 225, 235, 250×1, 260×2

    rd 2 and rd 3 rope climbs were arms only up, down with feet slide (16 foot ropes x 3 each rd)
    did a 1 min HS hold on Rd 1 and 2 and 10 HSPU + 30 sec on rd 3

    need to get these hspu and hswalks down better… any progression work we can add in during the week for all us needing to fix these?

  9. Strength
    A) 270 – +10 lb Clean PR, +25-35lb pr off blocks at knee
    B) 270,285,305

    Conditioning – just over 25.
    400m runs were slow (snowing outside).
    Did 25 shoulder touches sub for HSW, after each round of shoulder touches I spent 30-60 seconds kicking up into freestand/attempting to walk before starting next round.

  10. Strength
    A) 285, 15 below PR clean off floor.
    B) 285, 295, 310, 330 x 2

    Conditioning –28:33
    400m runs were slow in the dark and snow.
    HSWalks were a mess, especially the last round when I fell more than I walked.

  11. Strength:
    A) 255, I have issues I m trying to work thru from blocks.

    B)255, 270, 280, 295

    Skill/Conditioning = 24:14 (Climbed a 16ft rope couldn’t read, completed 25 shoulder touches facing away from the way, actually got 5-6 free standing reps, so some improvement)

  12. Strength:
    A) 242
    B) 242-252-262-272-277
    Did yesterdays WOD because I don’t have the equipment for todays and I skipped yesterdays
    8 min AMRAP : 3 + 28 reps

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