That’s The Sport

Photo Courtesy of Mike Bing and Fittest Games

Photo Courtesy of Mike Bing and Fittest Games

I’ve made no secret about the reality that weightlifting comes with its natural ups and downs. Yesterday was not exactly what I would call an up day. That’s just part of the sport. Bad days happen, you move on from them, and train anyways. It would be easy for me to point to one circumstance or another that caused the bad day yesterday but there’s certainly no way of knowing.

Multiple times people have asked me how I deal with bad days or if I have bad lifting days. For those of you out there who know what that feels like or had the expectation of a really good day and that does not come to fruition, trust one basic principle. Those who work hard consistently and over a longer period of time will achieve positive results. There is no such thing as a athlete who works his tail off and gets worse. You can trust that axiom to be faithful.

However, while I may have had a bad day many of my lifting companions did not. Check out this 166 clean and jerk from Marco Coppola. The first video is his first attempt where he missed the clean because of some small technical errors that we identified. He adapted, adjusted and smokes the second attempt. Bad days happen. We move on from then because we know that is just a part of the sport.

Marco 166kg miss
Marco 166kg make


2 responses to “That’s The Sport

  1. Awesome post sir! Normally on the weekdays i am putting up big numbers from the hang or on boxes. (Big numbers foe me at least) Like this morning, i snatched 200Lbs from above the knee on boxes. Pretty stoked but it always seems that when it comes to the weekend and 15 min to Est a 1 rep max Snatch appears, i will be lucky enough to snatch 195 and my PR is 210. Do you think i need more practice coming from the floor? or just a bad day??

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