140217: Deep Barbell

A) Snatch Recovery: 60/4, 70/3, 80/3, 90-100/2*3 sets *set bar on blocks at arm length when in bottom of an overhead squat, start with bar on blocks in the bottom of the squat
B) Snatch: 60/3, 65/3, 70/3, 75/3, in 3 sets find max triple @ 75% or more
C) Snatch High Pull to Height Device: 100/3*4 sets

A) BS: 70/5, 75/5, 85/5*3 sets
B) Weighted Chinups: 3×10
C) Weighted V-Ups: 3×10 *hold a medball in between your feet


7 responses to “140217: Deep Barbell

  1. WL
    A: 95-110-125-140-147.5-155# (No blocks today so did OHS with a 1-2 second pause at bottom.
    B: 95-100-110-115-125
    C: Have a bad time with high pulls so lowered to 125# to work on technique.

    A: 157.5-167.5-190×3
    B: Done with no weight.
    C: Ran out of time.

  2. Snatch balances subbed for first ex.
    Triples to 145#
    SHP @ 185

    Squats: 235,245,285
    Chins with 20lb vest
    Did weighted planks :45 with same vest.

  3. M/18/160#

    A) Subbed 5×5 Klokov press. No blocks 115#
    B) 135-135-145-155-Max to 175#
    C) 205#

    A) 245-260-295#
    B) 45#
    C) Done

  4. Snatch Triple:
    40kg warm up
    60kg warm up
    80kg triple
    100kg triple
    105kg triple
    110kg double (missed 3rd rep)

    60kg warm up
    100kg warm up
    120kg warm up
    140kg x5
    150kg x5
    166kg x5 (2 sets…legs were going to explode, not used to the volume)

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