Max Effort Timing


I have had a couple people email me and ask me about how to get their hands on a Deep Performance shirt. I wanted to get those of you interested a link to purchase that shirt. Click the link below and follow the instructions but we do have a limited stock currently. We are working on a couple different shirts coming up as this was just our first attempt to get something out there for local competitions. So basically this shirt is limited edition…

Deep Performance Shirt

By the time this blog posts I will be finishing up a max effort lifting session with Ursula down at Redside CrossFit. This is our max effort weekend to get a good look at where our training has put us in preparation for the Arnold’s. Two weeks out from a major competition it is relatively customary to max your lifts. Some coaches do this three weeks out. It gives the lifter and the coach an opportunity to see how much of the training has carried over to the max effort lifts. Tom field, one of our 77 kg lifters, put up 125 and 155 last night. Had it not been for some pretty monstrous weight jumps from those numbers he likely would’ve put up a little more. Nevertheless, those are the numbers on the board to beat today. If you are preparing for a major competition I highly suggest a max effort day like the one I am completing today. It is even better if you can set that max effort day to be in a competitive scenario such that you get a pseudo–lifting competition experience. These numbers will be a good guide for you in competition as you will not get much better than that two weeks later.


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  1. Sorry but the link sent me to a camp sign up. Let me know if I did something wrong.

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