140214: Deep Performance

A) Power Snatch + OHS: 60/3+3, 70/2+3, 75/2+3, 80/1+3*3 sets, rest 2 min
B) Snatch High Pull to Height Device: 100/3*3 sets

EMOM x 5min:
8 Double KB Snatch AHAP

AMRAP in 12min:
30 Cal Airdyne
12 Pullups
10 Box Jumps (24/20)


9 responses to “140214: Deep Performance

  1. Strength:
    A) 132-152-162-172 (~ off 213)
    B) 213
    16 kg – 16 kg – 20 kg – 20 kg – 20 kg
    4+7 cal
    Pullups and box jumps were fast, definitely went slow on the airdyne

  2. Strength
    A) 115, 135, 145,155 x4 (went 90sec rest on the last 2 sets on this)
    B) 185

    20kg, 24kg, 24kg, 24kg, 28kg x4 + 24kg x4 (only got 4 in at 28 and dropped back to 24)

    was happy with this today felt great with my form on pull ups for all unbroken sets and only had one no rep box jump.

  3. A. Done off of 200. Felt fun and easy.
    B. done at 200. Very hard. When I get to my max I can not seem to he the bar to the hip. Don’t think I got any of them high enough.

    Skill: done with 20kg each hand. Finished each round around 25 seconds.

    4 rounds + 15 cal on airdyne

  4. A) 65, 75, 80, 85
    B) 105

    Skill: 25# KB

    Conditioning: One box jump away from 4 full rounds.

    (my first aerodyne wod, I guess I got some work to do!)

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