140211: Deep Performance

A) Hip Clean + Split Jerk: 3+1 @ 70% EMOM x 6 minutes

B) Deadlift: 3 sets of 6, same weight across all 3 sets, rest 2 min

Skill and Conditioning:
3 Rounds For Time:
300m row
8 Bar MU


15 responses to “140211: Deep Performance

  1. Strength:
    A) 172 … had to give myself an extra 30 seconds on the last 2 rounds, this was extremely difficult for me, very out of breath

    • B) 295 clean grip

      had a brainfart the first round and forgot how to do bar MU, couldn’t link them together but did the last 2 rounds in 6:00 after a 4:30 first round

  2. A. 2 sets at 180. 2 at 175 after I missed a clean.
    B. deadlifts at 305

    Skill and conditioning:
    Needing some gymnastics help and coaching. Have no bar or ring mus.
    Subbed c2b pull ups and hrpu for bar mus.

  3. Strength:

    A) 185
    B) 275 (tweaked my low back last wednesday, took it easy here)



    all rows sub :60, couldn’t link Bar MU after the first round! definitely a weakness

  4. Strength:
    A) 210

    B) Deadlift: 3 sets of 6, 385

    Skill and Conditioning:
    9:40 – Rx

    Triceps are still killing me from Friday. Not looking forward to tomorrow.

  5. Strength:
    A) 170 (was supposed to be at 160 but screwed up my plate math) Still felt pretty easy though even at 170.

    B) 3×6@295 should have gone 315

    Skill and Conditioning:
    10:30 – havent done bar MU’s in a while since my shoulders still recovering, so it took me a bit to get my grove on them back first round i did 2 then 7 Ring MU’s then round 2 i did 4 on bar then 2 and 2 on bar, 3rd round got 4 then 3 and 1 on bar. by round 3 i had my nice double kip bar MU back and felt good doing them.

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