140207: Deep Performance

A) Snatch Complex: 2 Snatches from blocks @ bottom of knee + 1 Snatch from the floor: 4 sets @ 75%-85%, rest 2 min

4 RDS:
12 Burpees to plate AFAP + 50ft HS Walk
Rest as needed each round

AMRAP in 10 min:
10 DB Shoulder to OH (50/30)
10 HR Pushups
10 Lunges E/L


13 responses to “140207: Deep Performance

  1. Off topic question…

    What’s the difference between an airdyne and an assault bike? Calories seem to come much easier on an assault bike. Thanks.

  2. Strength
    A) 145, 150, 155, 160

    done – finished 12 burpees in 29/30/30/29 seconds each round
    worked hand stand holds for balance cant quite get the walk yet

    7 rds + 18

  3. Strength:
    A) 176-176-176-181
    burpees in about 30 seconds
    did 20 chicken peckers on each arm to practice handstand balance, walked on the last round and made it a little farther without falls
    6 rounds + 7 STO
    pushups killed me

  4. A. 2 sets at 150, 2 sets at 170. Max is 200
    Skill. Forgotten how walk on hands. Hahaha. That was fun. Done

    Conditioning. 5 rounds +10sto. Push-ups were slow. Lately as you’ve programmed more movements requiring triceps I am realizing my lack there. Glad for the work.

  5. A. 115, 120, 125, 130 (had to resist urge to power snatch on the last rep)

    Skill: Done. Subbed 1min handstand hold and wall walks for 50″ HSW.

    Cond: 3rd+15reps

    Also worked on OHS and shoulder flexibility/stability

    • Strength: 135 for all sets

      Skill: all rds of burpees 29 seconds or less and then worked on free standing handstands….walking wasn’t happening!

      Wod: 6 rds + 10 soh

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