140204: Deep Barbell

A) Clean + Jerk From Blocks @ Bottom of Knee: 60/3, 70/2, 75/2, 80-85/2*4 sets
B) Clean Pull From 3in deficit (use plates or platform): 3 sec pause at platform height: 5 sets of 4 @ 100%

A) Good Mornings: 4 sets of 8
B) Snatch Grip Strict Press: 3 sets of 5 @ 40%-50%
C) Plank Holds: 4×1 min


13 responses to “140204: Deep Barbell

  1. M/18/160#
    Is the site’s programming going to be the taper up to the Arnolds? I’m considering just doing a trial cut to get down into competition weight even though I’m not competing. Good or bad idea?
    A) 155-185-205-215#
    B) 255#

    A) 155#
    B) 95#
    C) Done

    • It will not. Originally I had planned this to be the case and will taper for the Arnolds in following years. However, because of the peak we hit from the Bulgarian cycle I am going to peak yall sometime in May.

  2. WL
    A: 120-140-150-160-165-170-170#
    B: 200#

    A: Was running out of time so did the press instead.
    B: 75-75-75#
    C: Done.

  3. WL

    C) completed

    This workout was better than 140203 for me after yesterdays rest and yoga. A little stiff on the first few C&J but got warmed up and finished strong. Whats everyone else do on their rest days? Straight rest or some sort of active recovery?

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