140131: Deep Performance

A) Snatch From Hip (Power Position): 70%-75%/3*3 sets
B) Snatch Pull From Hang: 100/4*4 sets

EMOM x 8 min: 30 UB Double Unders + 5 Deficit HSPU (6in/4in)

AMRAP in 15 min:
2 FS (115/75)
2 DB Snatch Total (1 e/a) (70/55)
2 Bar Facing Burpees
4 FS
4 DB Snatch Total (2 e/a)
4 Bar Facing Burpees
goes up by 2 reps each round until time cap


27 responses to “140131: Deep Performance

  1. Does the conditioning go up by 2 each round or does it double each round? In the spirit of masochism I am assuming it doubles.

  2. Strength
    A) 75, 80, 85
    B) 110
    Du unbroken
    Hspu started at 4″, went to 2″ and then did last 3 rds with ab mat
    Made it through all of 12

  3. Strength
    A) 135, 135, 140
    B) 185

    DU unbroken all but last set… hah always happens to me.
    HSPU had to do all no defecit, but made it through all 5 each round.

    My shoulders not up to 100% recovered yet so i didnt want to push the limits until i have no pain left from the dislocation. Ortho last night said ligiments and muscles all feel in line and are tight/strong so i should not have any issues just some slight pain until its fully healed up from being out of place and training like that for 4 weeks.

    10 rounds plus 12fs/12sn/7 burpees
    had to pamper my snatches on my right arm… same reason as above but pushed through, the snatch to burpee combo was the worst… FS were like active recovery at the lighter weight.

    A) 95
    B) 130

    2″ deficit for 3 rounds. None for last 5 rounds

    6 rounds + 24

    A) 85,85,90
    B) 120

    2″ deficit for 1 round. None for last 7 rounds

    6 rounds

  6. A. 105, 110, 115
    B. 155

    Skill: done, HSPUs felt really sloppy. Anybody have technique work suggestions?

    Conditioning: round of 10 + 12 FS

  7. Strength:
    A) 145, 145, 155
    B) 205

    Done. 4 @ 6″, 2 @ 4″, 2 @ 1″

    7 Rounds (completed round of 14)

  8. A. 150. On 2nd set the 2nd snatch was ugly. The rest were good
    B. 200.

    Hahahaha. This was embarrassing.
    Most rounds 20 or so DUs and 3 deficit hspu and I was miserable for it all.

    Conditioning. Finished 12s, +14 front squats.
    Used a 53 kettlebell though as it’s all I had.

  9. Felt beat today…

    A) 135, 145
    B) 195

    Skill: Strict HSPU work

    Cond: Lower back felt wrecked
    Did 250m sprints on rower

  10. Strength
    A) I F’d this all up today. Wasn’t paying attention and just loaded the bar. Was supposed to do 76-82kg but somehow ended up with the bar load to 93kg. Missed the 3rd rep of the last set
    B) 109kg

    Skill – done

    Conditioning – had to use 80# DB cause we don’t have a 70 – 6 rounds + 14FS + 14DB snatch + 3 burpees

  11. Strength:
    A) 145, 155,155
    B) 210 (Max snatch 206)

    Done off 45lb plate – every set complete except last set, failed d/u twice, hit the 30 and than hit 2 HSPU.

    256 reps
    14 front squats + 8 of 14 db snatches @70

  12. A- 170,175,180 – a little rougher than normal from this position
    B- 240
    Skill- made all rounds
    Conditioning- Lower back was on fire
    Through rd of 12 + 14 FS + 3 snatches

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