Heads Up!

Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone for the Open and for Regionals and maybe the Games. Last year, I had been informed, the kettlebell swing was not a part of the judge’s course testing materials. This year it has been included and the standards for it are pretty easy to judge. In fact, CrossFit has done a very good job of making the standard for the vertical bell kettlebell swing look very similar to the lockout position for a shoulder to overhead. That being said, the addition of this movement to the judge’s course makes this movement now more than just a training device. Its addition potentially makes it something that could be tested. For that reason, you will see specific standards, and I will be putting them in the programming more frequently moving forward.

This is the reason they showed up in yesterday’s post for the performance work out. Many of you asked what the standards look like for a vertical bell swing and instead of trying to describe that to each and everyone of you, I decided to make a quick demo video describing how headquarters has portrayed this swing. Be prepared as this will be the standard for every kettlebell swing I program unless otherwise noted.

Vertical Bell Bettlebell Swing Demo


2 responses to “Heads Up!

    • Ha awesome, I hate that sumo deadlift snatch push press whatever the heck you call it most people do today. It’s a SWING.

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