140129: Deep Performance

A) Split Jerk From Rack: 5 sets of 1, ascending in weight each set to a heavy, non-maximal single in 8 minutes (no misses allowed)
B) Immediately after completing single drop the load 25% and complete 2 min ME Shoulder to Overhead.
C) BS: 70/2, 75/2, 80/3*6 sets, rest 60 sec between sets, no rest at the top of the squat

Skill: 4 sets
A1) Bench Press: 3 reps AHAP, NO REST
A2) 30 ME Ring Dips, rest 2 min

For Time Complete

1k row
50 Vertical Bell KB Swings (70/53)
40 Wallball (30/20)
30 Toes To Bar
500m row
40 KB Swings
30 Wallball
20 Toes To Bar
250m row
30 KB Swings
20 Wallball
10 Toes To Bar


21 responses to “140129: Deep Performance

  1. could you define the vertical bell KB swing or link a demo video…? I think you are just keeping the KB in the same position the entire movement so its sitting above your head handle up still but i want to make sure. and do we switch to a regular swing for the set of 40 and 30 or do these for all?

  2. Are the ring dips ME in 30seconds, Max Effort unbroken, or 30 ring dips?(assuming these would be Kipping).

    Secondly, and a few wider scope questions…our gym has a team that could finish the open anywhere from 15-60th place. There’s a group of 5 of us that have been following and will continue to follow all the way through regionals assuming we qualify. My questions are 1) we’ve noticed in the little bit of running and rowing we’ve done lately that some of us aren’t where we should be. Are active recovery runs/rows/airdyne ok to do on Thursdays and or Sundays or would those be detrimental? E.g last Sunday we ran a mile, rowed a mile, San bagged 800m and airdyned a mile (with built in rest). 2) Some of us have weaknesses pertaining to more of the “Open Movements” vs. “Regional Movements” (C2B and Muscle ups vs. pistols and handstands). On certain days where the skill work involves let’s say 10 alternating pistols, would it be advisable for someone with a C2B weakness to sub those in for the extra work? Keep in mind I’m speaking directly for our team who I know have certain weaknesses.

    Thanks for the programming and all the awesome content Spencer!

  3. Strength
    A) 145
    B) 110- 11
    C) done off 200
    A1) 75,80,85,90
    A2) 5,8,8,8
    Bum shoulder

  4. A) up to 275, probably coulda done more but wanted to quit on a good rep
    B) 205×15
    C) 315×2, 335×2, 355x3x2, 360x3x2, 365x3x2 (got pretty tough)
    Skill – skipped due to time
    Conditioning modified big time due to time (and admittedly because the last couple days have beat me up)…
    AD, cals
    KB swings, 24kg
    wall balls


    A) 295
    B) 15 @ 225
    C) off of 450

    A1) 245,255,265,275
    A2) 25,22,17,13

    Destroyed me!

    A) 135,145,155,165,170
    B) 130-15 reps
    C) 155, 165, 175

    A1) 110,115,120,120
    A2) 12,10,10,9


  7. A. 225. Well below max but felt very heavy.
    B. 155. 16 reps
    C. Done off of 345. This got tough.

    175. First time really trying bench press. Could have gone heavier in hindsight.
    11-14 push ups each time. Shoulder feels bad from ring dips the other day.

    Conditioning. 28:15
    Used 53 kettlebell and 20 wall ball. Still destroyed me.

    A) 125,135,140,145,150
    B) 110 – done (didn’t count reps)
    C) 155, 165, 175

    A1) 85,105,115,125
    A2) 8,7,6,5


  9. Str:
    B) PP+jerk grip OHS, 135, 145, 160(from BB)
    C) Off of 335

    Cut the reps in half and still felt miserable…19:35

  10. Strength
    A) 295
    B) 220 – 11 reps, felt awful
    C) based off 350

    185 for all sets, 12, 10, 8, 7

    Conditioning – just over 20 minutes *F’d this all up, didn’t read and used wrong weights. Apparently reading skills don’t function well at 4:30am, but I guess I did good for a girl.

  11. Strength:
    B) 205 x 16
    C) BS: 285,305,325 x 6

    Skill: 4 sets
    A1) 225,205×3
    A2) 17,10,9,8


    -32:12 with 25# ball. Worst conditioning I can remember doing in a long time.

  12. Strength:
    A)205,215,225,225,235 (90% of 1rm) no misses, felt heavy today
    B) 175 x 23 (did first 10 as UB push jerks)
    C) BS: 225,245,265 3×6 sets

    Skill: 4 sets
    A1) 225,225,225,225
    A2) 20,16,14,11

    28:25 – 25lb med ball is the heaviest we have. Decided not to duct tape 2-2.5lb plates on it, figured somehow drywall would probably get ahold of me smashing my face with a metal plated WB like a retard.

  13. Best conditioning circuit ever!….

    A) worked to 205 felt liek 215 would have failed, shoulder is still recovering from partial dislocation.
    B) 17 reps at 160
    C) 210, 225, 237.5 (forgot to put one of the 2.5 plates on to be at 240… hah)

    a1) 185, 205, 205, 205
    a2) 18/15/14/14

    31:40 Rx’d
    thought i had it rough using a 30# DBALL which sucked once it got sweaty just falling through the hands which slowed me down, but 2×2.5# plates on a dynamax… maybe they helped work as handles during slippery ball conditions and brought down some drywall to help dry out the hands… haha

  14. Had to do it today instead of yesterday. (Should I do that or just skip?)
    A. 185, 205, 215, 225, 235lb
    B. 170lb x 6 reps unbroken, 6 more reps after.

    A1. 185, 195, 195, 205
    A2. 12, 10, 8, 5

    Conditioning: ~26:00* (time died)
    Max Kettlebell at gym is 65lbs.
    Max medicine/wall ball is 20lbs.
    Any suggestions for making these harder?

  15. Strength:
    A) 245
    B) 185, 26 reps
    C) finally tested FS, 345 40# PR!
    (I was 6 weeks into the FS/BS template when I started following the blog, figured I should see it through, glad to get that over and get back on track with normal programming)

    Skill: 4 sets
    A1) 205, 205, 205
    A2) 15, 12, 10, 8 (all done strict)

    was sick tuesday and wednesday, felt sluggish..,

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