Great Weekend! #FittestGames

20140126-105255.jpgI know a couple of you are looking for some explanation on what the schedule looks like for the Open and what the plan is for the next 10 weeks through the Open. I am going to release that tomorrow. (Seems better to do that on a Monday in some strange way)

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Deep Performance athletes this weekend at the Fittest Games. Team Deep fought back from a huge deficit on the Crossfit total to finish 18th. Take away our one workout and we’re likely in the finals. Could not be more proud of them and especially loved seeing their heart to take a 1st place finish yesterday.

Jeff Germond finished 13th narrowly missing the final workout. Jeff likely was one trip up away from the finals as he tripped on the heavy rope singles on a workout that he would have finished top 5 on. The workout called for a 50 unbroken heavy singles. Jeff had practiced that all week and never missed. He slipped up on the first set and was 7 reps away from finishing the workout anyways. His previous practice time was 6:30. The 6th place finish was 6:23. Regardless I was very impressed with Jeff’s capacity this weekend and feel very good about his training leading into the Opens.

Phil Kniep and Jason Hoggan made it to the final workout which consisted of a winner take all 3 phase workout. Phase 1 was a max hold on the pullup bar with a 20# med-ball held between their legs. First person to drop is out. Phase two had the men pull 4 movements from a bowl and those 4 movements were completed for time with a sprint in between. After each movement was completed the last person back to the rig was knocked out down to five. The movements were 15 hang power clean @ 185, 30 medball situps (20#), 15 burpees, and 30 dumbbell snatches (70#). Jason and Phil made it through that phase. Phase 3 was Fran. First person to complete Fran and stand on a box wins. Phil stayed consistent for most of Fran and landed 3rd overall. Jason was winning Fran through the first set of thrusters and then I think the weekend caught up to him and his motor control digressed quickly. He landed 5th overall. I feel very good about how well conditioned those men are considering the amount of strength work we have been focused on with them.

Lastly Kylee and Emily both performed extremely well. Kylee managed a top 10 finish on the final WOD before the finals and walked away with some great experiences in her first major individual competition. I could not be more proud of how she did and how well she kept her head in the game. Emily had a very successful weekend winning 4 of the 7 workouts this weekend. She endured a pretty brutal run-in with a PR deadlift in King Kong and hit the 305# once but landed an 18th and 19th placing for the workout and the load. She however won every winnable element of the final. Made it through the pullup hang, was first to finish the hopper phase. Her movements were 10 MU, 30 Wall Ball (20), 30 medball situps (14), and 30 burpees to a plate. The final phase was Isabel for the win. She completed Isabel with perfection in 1 set of 10 then triples all the way to the finish. She outlasted a field of incredible girls and managed to take the top spot. I honestly had no idea what to expect of Emily’s conditioning as I haven’t seen her in person in a while. She is clearly a gametime competitor and I can’t wait for the Opens and Regionals. There was a judging mistake on her Triple Under/Bar MU couplet and she was asked to complete all 27 Bar MU and Triple Unders again. She did it with poise and control and won the workout… the second time doing it. I could not be more impressed with the mental edge she seems to have from her lifetime in gymnastics and how focused she stayed all weekend. I have a feeling there will be more to say about her performances in blog posts to come.

Overall, as the first outing for Deep Performance we ended with 2 podium finishes, a 1st place, and 3 competitors in the top 5. Pretty good weekend. I may even go easy on them on monday.

“Maximum Non-Lethal Dose”



One response to “Great Weekend! #FittestGames

  1. Emily is amazing! Took 15mins out of her day to make my HS a hundred times better when she had a million other things to do.

    Incredible performance this weekend, and gnarly KB.

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