140127: Deep Performance

A) Snatch from blocks @ top of knee + OHS: 3 sets of 3+3 @ 75%-80%, rest 90 sec
B) EMOM x 6 min: Snatch Grip Deadlift x 5 @ Max + 6 Toes To Bar
C) BS: 60/6, 65/6, 70/2*6 sets, rest 60 sec all squats completed with no rest at the top

Skill and Conditioning:
1600m run buy-in


Fittest Games Workout 1
30 burpees over bar (parallel to bar)
50 ft HS Walk (25 down and back)
50 alternating pistols
50 ft HS Walk (25 down and back)
30 burpees over bar (parallel to bar)


19 responses to “140127: Deep Performance

  1. If no blocks do we do hang snatch from just above knee instead? Probably self explanatory but wanted to verify. Thanks!

  2. Probably a stupid question, but on a snatch grip deadlift should you be setting up with your hips lower and bar away from shins? Or just a snatch grip but same setup as traditional deadlift?

  3. Spencer– I live in upstate new York, the high for the next 10 days is 20*f… running outside in weather that cold aggravates my asthma, if subbing rowing for running what is your preferred ratio?.. in the past I’ve subbed 250m row/200m run…. today for example I’d sub a 2000m row.

    I have access to airdynes would it be better to sub airdyne work?

    • ryan, used to live up there myself… normally for a run/row sub we do the following at my gym… 400m run = 500m row, 1000m row = 800m run. so your 2k row would be in line with the 1600m (1 mile) run. As far as the airdyne… i have never used it for distance intervals before so im not completely sure how this would convert over to a run sub…

  4. Strength
    A) 82kg – felt slow this morning
    B) 110kg instead of 109
    C) Based on 350#

    – 1600m run was 6:18

  5. A. 185-190-190, blocks were closer to mid thigh rather than top of knee which may have made it a bit tougher; definitely felt out of practice with the blocks
    B. Done with 245, tough but never felt like I was fatiguing faster than I could recover; each set took about 30 sec.
    C. 265, 285, 305×2 sets, 310x2sets, 315×2 sets

    23:20…with 2k row instead; I’m terrible walking on my hands

  6. First day switching from Barbell to Performance:
    A. 115lb
    B. 155lb
    C. Based off 350lb
    Buy in: 7:30 (on dreadmill due to blizzard)
    Skills/Con: 21:50*
    *Subbed wall walks for HS Walk and Used band for support in bottom of pistols.

    Any suggestions for HS Walk/Pistol progressions?

  7. A. 150
    B. 200. Done each time around 26 seconds.
    C. Done off of 330. I’m sure this is below my max now but I only have 320 pounds including the bar in my gym. Hahaha.

    Didn’t run cause my 3 kids were with me. 150 double under buy in instead.

  8. Strength-
    A- 155, 160, 165
    B- 205, all sets :24-:28
    C- PR week for FS/BS cycle… Back Squat PR 365 (30# pr!)


    subbed 2k row for run (7:28)

  9. A- 185,190,195
    B- 240, rougher than I was expecting
    C- Done off of 375

    S&C- 21:01 handstand walks not so great

  10. Strength:
    A) Snatch from blocks @ top of knee + OHS: 3 sets of 3+3 @ 75%-80% – 175,185,185
    B) EMOM x 6 min: Snatch Grip Deadlift x 5 @ Max + 6 Toes To Bar – did 4 sets at 240, tore hand and stopped
    C) BS: 60/6, 65/6, 70/2*6 sets, 245,265,285

    Skill and Conditioning:
    Subbed 2k row for mile. 23:25

  11. Strength
    A) 155,165,165
    B) 210 – I was sweating buckets…
    C) off 325
    2k row 7:40
    30 burpee over bar (parallel to bar)
    50 shoulder touches (my HS walk is a pitiful work in progress)
    50 pistols
    50 shoulder touches
    30 burpee over bar

    Didn’t time.
    Just kidding.
    27:02 of pure “awesomeness”

    Thanks Spencer!

  12. Strength
    A) 140,145,150
    B) 185
    C) 180, 195, 210

    1 mile run (in 10degree C weather with an inch of snow and my no grip flat tread inov-8’s) : 7:30
    subbed 20x HSPU for HS Walk

    run was interesting. the turns were wide outs since i had no traction in my shoes to cut tight corners. HSPU’s felt good today, had my right shoulder poped slightly back into socket on friday at the hospitol. Had a partial dislocation for the past 3/4 weeks which is why i have struggled with the dips and hspus, get to see the ortho this thursday to make sure everything is good to go. fun stuff haha. Ready to destroy the next few weeks now.

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