140127: Deep Barbell

A) Snatch from blocks @ top of knee: 60/3, 70/3, 75/3, 80/3 * 3 sets
B) Snatch Pull to Hip (elongated first pull): 100/2 * 4 sets

A) BS: 60/6, 65/6, 70/2*6
B) Good Mornings into Push Press: 4 sets of 5
C) Strict Toes To Bar: 3 sets of 8


17 responses to “140127: Deep Barbell

  1. What is the start height from the blocks? Knee? Hip? Thanks. Psyched to get back to training after an injury layoff.

  2. Spencer, just wanted to say thank you for all the programming you have done. I have been following everything you have been programming since starting with Outlaw Barbell. I really appreciate everything, and have seen good results from it. I have decided to start working with Dan Bell.

    thank you again,


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