Fittest Games 2014


As I am writing this we have concluded day 1 of the Fittest Games at Crossfit Central in Austin. Our team and athletes are doing superb and all have had some amazing performances.

Currently Team Deep sits in 18th after catching an unlucky first workout in the Crossfit Total. We finished the day VERY well by beating the field by 20+ seconds on the the last workout of the day.

Emily and Kylee performed with precision and poise. Kylee I thought pushed through some tough pieces and challenges. The demands set before here were tougher than anything she confessed she had faced before. She took them on with ease and poise making progress beyond even where she expected to succeed. Emily took first in the first two workout and scored fourth in the 1min ME shoulder to overhead. However, sitting in first her battle with King Kong would set her back 6 spots despite hitting a PR on her deadlift at 305#.

The boys (Jeff, Jason, and Phil) each had moments of glory and workouts that roughed them up a bit. Jeff manhandled the burpee/hs walk,pistol workout placing 3rd. He made the workout look very easy and performed the HS Walk and Pistols with extreme ease. Jason came out of nowhere with 6, 9, and 12 unbroken TRIPLE UNDERS on workout 2 in order to finish the Bar MU/Triple Under couplet 2nd overall. Phil would follow these phenomenal finishes with a first place in the 1 min ME Shoulder to Overhead AND King Kong. That puts Phil in a tie for 3rd, Jason in 15th (though I think his score is wrong) and Jeff Germond in 17th.

Day 2 is another day. Hopefully one that does not include the sleet, ice, and frigid temperatures we endured on day 1.


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