140125: Deep Barbell

Last Day of the Bulgarian Cycle. Last chance for a while to hit those PR lifts. Go get it.

A) Snatch to max (3 misses allowed)
Rest 15 min and eat something
B) CJ to max (3 misses allowed)
C) FS to 3RM

A) Snatch Grip Deadlift x 5 + 5 Pulls from the hip: 4 sets @ 100% of max
B) DB Bent Over Row with 3 sec pause at sternum. 3 sets of 6


7 responses to “140125: Deep Barbell

  1. M/18/160#
    Had to max today due to weight availability again. PR in the Snatch and Total.
    A) 205# (+10 PR)
    B) 255# (Matches PR)
    C) 265#

    A) 205#
    B) 50#

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  3. M/23/165#
    Also sad to see this program come to an end, my body seemed to respond well to this type of training, looking forward to doing a similar cycle in the future.

    A) 230# (+5lb PR) been going after this for a while
    B) 275# (-5lb PR missed the jerk at 85 x2)
    C) 305# (-10lb PR)

    A) 230#
    B) 50#

  4. Didn’t have much time with access to a real gym today, only had time to snatch and CJ, had to skip squats and pulls, then had some dumbells at home to do the rows
    A) 203… consistently hitting this which is a huge improvement. went for 213 and it was close but just not quite there today. Snatch is very consistent and confident now.
    B) 232… clean 247 but no jerk today. Learned that both my clean and jerk are extremely inconsistent at max weights, lots of technical work to do
    C) no time
    A) had to skip
    B) 50#

  5. Hey Spencer, any recommendation on how to turn the 4 week Bulgarian cycle into a 6 week prep for a meet? Maybe run the 4 weeks as written and then do the last 2 weeks of the competition taper? Thanks!

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