140124: Deep Barbell

A) CJ to max (2 misses allowed)
B) Clean Pull x 3 @ 10% more than max x 3 sets

A) Squat Jumps (Bar on back, squat, jump just enough to leave ground): 50/4*3 sets
B) Incline DB Bench Press: 10, 8, 6 *increase weight each set


8 responses to “140124: Deep Barbell

  1. M/18/160#
    Doing this today because I have to switch Saturday’s and Friday’s work around so I can use bumpers at my school. Other gym doesn’t have any.
    A) 255#
    B) 280#

    A) 185#
    B) 75-80-85#

  2. My days got all messed up..so I cobbled this one together.

    A. C&J Max. 110kg
    B. Clean Pulls. 120kg

    A. 3RM BS. 142kg
    B. Incline Bench 60/65/70kg. No DBs.

  3. Not sure what happened today, I didn’t feel sore, got plenty of sleep, but I felt light-headed and in a daze. Worst day by far, and it didn’t feel like anything technical, I just couldn’t stand up with the weight.
    A) took 3 attempts to even stand up with 222… then almost passed out so skipped the jerk
    B) 242 (-10 from my clean PR)

    A) 140-145-145
    B) subbed weighted pushups – 44-55-60

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