140121: Deep Barbell

A) Snatch to max (4 misses allowed)
B) Add 10% of max: Snatch Pull: 3 sets of 2

A) Good Morning into Push Press (one fluid transition): 4 sets of 5 @ 40%-50% of clean max
B) Strict Toes To Bar: 3 sets of 10


9 responses to “140121: Deep Barbell

  1. M/23/165

    A) 210 (2 misses at 220 then stopped, having trouble keeping the bar close at 95%+)
    B) 245

    A) 155
    B) Done

    • PM WL:
      A) 213 (+5) PR!! … made it up there with no misses, so I went for 220. It’s not there yet, the pull is strong enough but my arms buckled and it came down on me, scary miss. Probably won’t attempt this until I’m stronger in the receiving position and ready for it, this is up 17 lbs from the beginning of the cycle.
      B) 235… surprisingly pulled it fairly high

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