140120: Deep Performance

Ok guys I hope you enjoyed your easy week last week. Back to the max lifts. This is the last week of the Bulgarians style program. You should hit some pretty sweet numbers this week if you have not already. Here we go.

A) Snatch to max in 12 min. (4 misses allowed)
Rest 15 min and eat something
B) CJ to max 12 in min (3 misses allowed)
C) FS: Find 3RM

Skill: 4 Rounds
A1) Strict Toes To Bar x 12, rest 60 sec
A2) Strict Weighted Chinups x 8, rest 60 sec

Airdyne Capacity Work:
Min 1: 10 sec AFAP, 50 sec recovery
Min 2: 20 sec AFAP, 40 sec recovery
Min 3: 30 sec AFAP, 30 sec recovery
Min 4: 40 sec AFAP, 20 sec recovery
Min 5: 50 sec AFAP, 10 sec recovery
Min 6: 40 sec AFAP, 20 sec recovery
Min 7: 30 sec AFAP, 30 sec recovery
Min 8: 20 sec AFAP, 40 sec recovery
Min 9: 10 sec AFAP, 50 sec recovery

* ignore calorie count until the end, pay attention only to RPM, recovery should be 60% of max RPM during active phase


14 responses to “140120: Deep Performance

  1. Trying to understand the conditioning. Am I doing ten minutes total of air dyne or each time doing the full amount listed so something like 35 minutes total?

  2. Strength:
    A) tied PR at 70kg, got plenty of height with 75kg but as i go up in weight it’s making me get slower under the bar.

    B) tied PR at 95kg, clean is fine but can’t jerk any more than that right now

    C) tied PR at 120kg

    *didn’t break any PR’s but am definitely feeling more solid with the weight.

    Couldn’t do, a storm rolled in and have no bar inside i can use…. will make it up


    Done on a rower

    A) 125 (-5 pr)
    B) 165 (tie pr)
    C) 180 (+10)

    A1) done
    A2) 10,5,5,5

    Done on rower-2142 meters

    A) 235 (missed 250)
    B) 310 (missed jerk 325)
    C) 350

    A1) done
    A2) 25 on all

    162 cals on AD

  5. Strength
    A) 105 (tie)
    B) 140 (-15) missed jerk at 150
    C) 165 (+5)
    A1) 6/6
    A2) 5#– only 6 chin up
    Rower 1973 m

  6. Felt strong today-

    A) 195(5# pr)
    B) 245, 255 missed jerk(5# pr clean)
    C) 255(5# pr)
    Done @ BW
    Subbed rowing-160 cals

    A) 105 (-10 pr, missed @ 115)
    B) 135 (-15 pr, missed @ 145)
    C) 175 (+5)


    Done on rower 2231 meters

  8. Snatch. 200 (5+ pr) C+J. 250 (10+pr) 3RM front squat 285 (10+pr)

    Skill. Done but couldn’t do 8 chin ups. I sick at most body weight stuff.

    Conditioning. 165 calories airdyne.

    Sent from my iPhone


  9. A. 200. 5 pound pr
    B. 250. 10 pound pr
    C. 285. 10 pound pr.

    A1. Done
    A2. Mostly 3 or 4 chin-ups at body weight. I am not skilled at body weight.

    Conditioning. 165 cal on airdyne.

  10. A) 175 tied PR
    B) 205 (-10)
    C) 265 tied PR

    1) done
    2) 35/40/40/40

    Conditioning – done
    Then did
    5 RDS for time
    3x 2KB squat clean + FS
    6x clapping push ups
    5x strict pull ups

  11. Lifted in a local meet yesterday and feeling wrecked

    A) 100kg
    B) 120kg
    C) 125kg

    A) 44lbs
    B) done

    Conditioning – done

  12. Strength:
    A) 205 +15 PR
    B) 265 +10 PR
    C) deload week of FS/BS 4 x 2/4@ 80%

    Thanks for the kick ass programming, todays oly session was probably the best I’ve ever felt strength and technique wise

    Skill: 4 Rounds
    A1) done
    A2) 35#

    Airdyne Capacity Work:

    184… first airdyne session ever for me… not fun

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