140120: Deep Barbell

Ok guys I hope you enjoyed your easy week last week. Back to the max lifts. This is the last week of the Bulgarians style program. You should hit some pretty sweet numbers this week if you have not already. Here we go.

A) Snatch to max. 4 misses Allowed
Rest 15 min and eat something
B) CJ to max. 3 misses allowed

A) FS: Find 3RM
B) Russian Twists with 20# Medball: 3 sets of 10 each side


5 responses to “140120: Deep Barbell

  1. M/23/165

    Weightlifting: Felt very tired this morning, almost didn’t train
    A) 215 (95%)
    Rest 15 min and eat something
    B) 265 (95%)

    A) 315 (5lb PR)
    B) Done

  2. M/18/160#

    Weightlifting: Couldn’t truly max due to weight availability so I just did a few more reps at 100%
    A) 185#
    B) 245#

    A) 265#
    B) Done

  3. AM Session
    A) 203 (-5) … 3 close attempts at 213 for a new PR, 1 miss behind two misses just in front. Pull felt great, just didn’t feel sharp enough pulling under and locking it into place
    B) 20 kg plate

    C&J and squats tonight

    • PM Session:
      B) 242 … new PR clean at 252, just missed the jerk
      A) 245 (-10) … failed at 255, best on this cycle though

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