140115: Deep Barbell

A) Power Snatch + OHS: 60/3+3, 65/3+3, 70/2+3, 75/1+3*4 sets
B) Power Clean + FS + Jerk: 60/3+3+3, 70/2+3+2, 75/1+3+1, 80/1+3+1*3 sets

A) BS: 4 sets of 2 @ 90% of best 3RM
B1) Pendlay Row: 3 sets of 6
B2) Lateral Raise with DB or plates: 3 sets of 8


15 responses to “140115: Deep Barbell

  1. Man, you have to get a website setup with different “follow” options. While I love being reminded that it’s exactly 1:00PM, and enjoy seeing the programming, I’m afraid my gmail is going to explode at 1PM some random day. #timeforspencertohaveabigboywebsite

  2. Weightlifting:
    A) 275#
    B2)25# plates

    Everything felt really good today, especially my power cleans. I think I’m finally doing a better job of reaching full extension with my hips.

    Is their a way to order a Deep Barbell shirt from you guys?

    Thanks for the great programming

  3. AM: Did snatch work and back assistance work, c&j plus squatting tonight
    A) 132-137-147-157

    B1) 176-186-191
    B2) 10 kg plates

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