Feature Footage Friday

I have decided that every Friday moving forward I’m going to start a new trend and do what I am calling a “Feature Footage Friday”. These Fridays are going to be an opportunity for me to highlight a video or a lifter that I saw this week and talk specifically about the lift performed. What I talk about may just be the excitement for a new PR, a coaching queue, or coaching advice for the lift performed. I see lifts and videos of lifts all week long. As I see good ones I’m going to store those away for these “Feature Footage Fridays”. Here is the first installment: Enjoy.

Carley Power Snatch + Snatch

Oh and this one is just funny.




4 responses to “Feature Footage Friday

  1. How do I send you a video? Is there an email address? Are there certain types of formats and size of the files that are preferred?

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