140111: Deep Performance

I know that it’s likely you are all kinds of beat up and struggling to persevere. Next week has much lighter loads and will give you a chance to recover a bit before the final week 4. You can make it.

A) Snatch to max in 12 min (on miss 2 you are done)
B) Then complete the following: Hang Snatch: 80/2*2 sets, rest 60 sec
C) CJ to max in 12 min (on miss 2 you are done)
D) Then complete the following: Power Clean + Clean + Jerk: 80/1+1+1*2 sets, rest 90 sec
E) Find 3RM FS in 10 min

Skill and Conditioning:
4 Rounds with 2 min time cap:
400m sprint + ME HSPU in remaining time, rest 4 min


7 responses to “140111: Deep Performance

  1. strength
    A) 165 (-10 on PR didnt try 170 but should have)
    B) 135
    C) 215 (even with PR)
    D) 175
    E) 265 (even all week)

    skipped due to my shoulder still feeling shitty and didnt want to aggravate it more with hspu so subbed a con circuit which took exactly 20 mins.
    4 rounds
    250m Row
    10/10 KB Cleans @ 24kg
    10x Mr spectaculars @ 16kg
    2 min rest

    A) 120
    B) 95
    C) 165
    D) 130
    E) 175

    13, 11, 10, 10
    (Used just ab mat on first 2, then used 25s on both sides of ab mat last 2)

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