140111: Deep Barbell

I know that it’s likely your body is struggling and in some pretty severe shock right now. OR maybe you’ve just made it through that. Either way, next week is a down week to allow for a bit of recovery before the final week 4.

A) Snatch to max (on 2nd miss you’re done)
B) Then complete hang snatch: 80/2*3 sets
C) CJ to max (on 2nd miss you’re done)
D) The complete Power Clean + Clean + Jerk: 80/1+1+1*3 sets

B) Weighted Situps: 4×10
C) Weighted GHD Hip Ext: 3×10


8 responses to “140111: Deep Barbell

  1. M/18/160#
    Did Saturday’s work today due to the availability of weights. Two PR’s.
    A) 195# (+10) PR
    B) 175#
    C) 255# (+10) PR
    D) 205#

    A) 2 @ 255# failed third rep
    B) 75#
    C) 25#

  2. 38/193/6′
    Snatch to 170 (hopefully my new low end benchmark)
    Missed 185, went to 170, then missed at 180. 185 is recent pr.
    Work done at 135.

    Clean and Jerk to 220. Failed at 235, pr is 225.
    Work at 175.

    New pr by 5 on 3RM FS – 265
    Sits (Abmat, soles together) with 25 and extensions with 45.

    All in pounds, baby. Pounds.

  3. I somehow fell a few days behind so I modified/combined workouts…
    Needless to say, my body is feeling wrecked. But I can also feel myself getting stronger and technically better.

    A. Snatch to Max. 77kg (10kg off PR)
    B. Hang Snatches at 62kg
    C. C/J to Max. 95kg (15kg off)
    D. Power Clean+Clean+Jerk. 77kg

    A. 3RM FS. 117kg (3kg off)
    B. Push Press 5×4. 75/77/77/77
    C. Weighted Situps. 1pd/1.5pd/2pd

  4. Really bad day, I had to rush everything because I slept too late. Snatch was good, clean was good, jerk was terrible today, need to start doing footwork drills because that is my biggest inconsistency. Skipped the drop sets and did FS in about 2 min, then weighted situps at home.
    A) 203 (-5) … 2 close attempts at 213
    B) skipped
    C) 232 (-10) … cleaned 242 but missed jerk, was bad today
    D) skipped

    A) 225… no time to go higher
    B) 40 lbs
    C) skipped

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