140110: Deep Barbell


A) CJ to max (on 2nd miss you’re done)
B) Complete Hang Clean x 3 + Jerk x 1: 4 sets @ 75%-80%
C) Clean Pull: 90/5, 95/5, 100/5*2 sets

A) Front Rack Lunges x 5 e/l @ 50% of FS Max: 4 sets
B) Push Press: 4 sets of 5 AHAP


9 responses to “140110: Deep Barbell

  1. Dead is an understatement.

    A: 190#
    B: 150#
    C: Done

    A: 100×2, 120×2.
    B: 135# across.

    Just curious, on average how long should it take to complete all the work? I feel like I take too long sometimes, but I’m not sure.

    • It takes me at around two hours usually. On the day in which we max both snatch and clean and jerk it takes longer.

  2. I’m destroyed, but I still managed to hit a PR today. Junior Nationals are in 3 weeks.

    A) 295 (10# PR)
    B) 235
    C) off 295

    A) Off 350
    B) DND, ran out of time.

  3. Forgot to post yesterday.

    A: 255 (missed jerk on 270×2)
    B: 195 (working on jerk)
    C: Done

    A: 175
    B: 185

  4. M/18/160#
    Switched Friday’s and Saturday’s work around.
    A) 245#
    B) 185#
    C) 225 – 235 – 245# x 2

    A) 145#
    B) 165#

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