Don’t Get Lost

A couple of mornings ago I was up early doing some reading and received this video a friend texted to me. I know how ironic it is that I received this video via text message. Let it first be stated that I am a HUGE fan of technology and of the added value it can bring to our lives. When I’m studying for a new idea or I can’t remember something I had read previously, technology helps me get there. If I’m injured I can likely always get help. Thanks to technology I’m never lost driving somewhere. I’m able to provide programming and write my incessant ramblings on this blog because of technology. What’s even more is that you’re able to read it on multiple different devices and have it emailed to you the second I post it. This is technology working at its finest.

However, there is a line. We cross it and don’t even know what we’re missing. Life happens outside of technology and we sometimes miss it because our eyes are on the screen. It is disheartening. There’s something to be said for the benefit of always being available, but there’s also benefit of the opposite.

The rise of technology lets us capture our baby’s first steps and keep that memory forever. It lets us catch a picture of the Blue Ridge Mountains in their entire splendor to hold on to for a lifetime. It lets us FaceTime our friends and family from anywhere in the world to share our experiences with them.

The question is: Are we getting so lost in saving those moments that we actually miss experiencing them? Are we so caught up on showing the world the sunset you and your wife are looking at that you miss the moment?

This video isn’t necessarily a wakeup call. It’s a reminder to not get lost sharing your life with the world, and to remember to experience it too.

I Forgot My Phone


2 responses to “Don’t Get Lost

  1. This is a great post. I love how your blog posts usually come with some sort of motivational or positive message instead of some cocky, rambling, arrogant email. Keep up the good work! It’s nice to see you’ve moved on to doing your own thing that you have control of. Congrats!

  2. spencer,

    I was turned onto your blog by a client of mine, Melissa Murphy. You bumped into her in Austin. Any how I’m trying to write a little more regarding weightlifting instead of crossfit as my interests are swaying in that direction as of late. Wanted to know what thoughts you had on my latest piece and the lift in the video. Recently use referenced Don Macauley in your writting. My coach, Stephen Powell, worked with Don for sometime. I so took my USAW cert with Ursula back in august while I was passing through Texas and tried to make one of your teams training sessions but couldn’t swing it. Anyhow, just trying to reach out considering we have some connections. I appreciate your work. It comes across as very honest and thoughtful and that’s not always the case.

    Sent from my iPhone


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