140106: Deep Barbell

Week 2: I am posting these at 1pm CST now because the Aussies want to have the workout by 6am. I like Australia so 1pm it is.

Weightlifting and Strength:
A) Snatch to max (3 misses allowed)
B) After snatch max complete Snatch Pull x 1 + Hang Snatch x 1 + Touch and Go Snatch x 1: 4 sets @ 85%-90% of max for the day
* you may use straps but the bar cannot return to the ground once it leaves until after the completion of the entire complex except to perform the touch and go snatch. The eccentric work will be good for you.

Rest 15 min and eat something OR if you can split this up to another session

C) CJ to max (2 misses allowed)
D) After CJ max complete Hang Clean x 1 + Touch and Go Clean x 1 + Jerk x 1: 3 sets 80%-85% of max for the day,
* same rules apply except that you cannot use straps

E) FS to 3RM in 10 min


9 responses to “140106: Deep Barbell

  1. M/23/165 – not the best day

    A) 200# (1 miss)
    B) Did not complete missed my first 2 sets & stopped
    Rested and ate
    C) 250#
    D) 200#

    E) 310#

  2. M/38/192

    170 (pr-15)
    145 (missed hang snatch on first two, got last two rounds done rx)

    Food and rest

    215 (pr-10)

    Fr squat to 265×3 (new pr by 5lbs).

  3. M/18/178

    A.) 185
    B.) 160
    C.) 260(5# pr)
    D.) 205/210
    E.) not enough time. Got to the gym a little late today.

  4. AM Snatch Work
    A) 198 (-10) missed once at 186 then one attempt at 203… a bit rushed for time, happy with this
    B) 167-172-172-172
    rushing for time, missed the touch-n-go rep twice

    • C) 242 (+7) PR… barely stood it up
      D) 198

      E) 240 (-15) These felt explosive and in the right position for the first time in a while, back on the right track

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