140104: Deep Barbell

A) Snatch to Max (1 miss allowed) then complete 85/1*2 sets and 90/1*2 sets
Rest 15 min and eat
B) CJ to max (1 miss allowed) then complete 85/1*2 sets and 90/1*2 sets

A) FS to 3RM
B) Clean Pull: 85/5, 90/3, 100/3*3 sets
C) Weighted Pullups: 4 sets of 5


12 responses to “140104: Deep Barbell

  1. Hey Spencer, Thanks heaps for everything you are doing. Just hoping you can help us out in Australia by posting a couple of hours earlier. Eg, 1pm CST Dallas time = 6am AEDT (Sydney / Melbourne etc).

  2. WL
    208, missed 213 twice
    One miss at 90%
    228, missed jerk at 242 twice
    FS 242
    Skipped the other work due to time.

  3. M/23/165

    A) up to 225 (first time no straps) then missed 230
    Rest 15 min and eat
    B) up to 265 missed 280

    A) 305
    B) 225, 240, 265
    C) 40#

    • Surprisingly good day for being at the end of the week, and not hitting those snatches during the week…

  4. M/18/160#
    Matched all PRs every day this week. Happy with that.
    A) 185#
    B) 245#

    A) 255#
    B) 210-225-245#
    C) 70#

  5. M/18/178

    A.) 185-155/165
    B.) 235-200/215

    A.) 265 (10# pr) 95% of FS. Feels like it shouldn’t be that high compared to FS. Haha.
    B.) 200-225-235
    C.) no weight

  6. M/30/218
    A)180 – 155/165
    B)205 – 175/185

    A)225 (-10)
    Today was really hard for me. The CJ fried my back which made the FS brutal.

  7. M/39/200/6’2″

    So beat up…could really use a Bulgarian pharmacist about now. Lulz.

    A. 85kg
    B. 97kg. Cleaned 100 but missed w/a sloppy jerk

    A. 117kg (3kg short of my 3rm PR)
    B. 92/100/110 kg
    C. 24kg/1.5pd KB

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