140103: Deep Performance


A) Snatch to Max in 12 min (3 misses allowed above 90%) then complete EMOM x 6min: 3 Touch and Go reps @ 60%

* no straps on drop down sets

B1) Snatch Grip RDL into high pull: 85% x 5 reps x 4 sets, rest 60 sec

B2) Batwing Bench Hold with KB x 45 sec AHAP, rest 60 sec  DEMO


5 Rounds:

30 UB Double Unders + 12 pistols alternating each rep, rest 30 sec

* if you fail @ DU before 30 start the DU overs


Opens Practice:

12 min running clock:

1k row

4 Rounds:

10 Deadlift (155/105)

5 Shoulder To Overhead (155/105)

10 Burpee to 6in target

in remaining time (if any):

complete max meters rowing.

*score is meters of final row


19 responses to “140103: Deep Performance

  1. On the shoulder to overhead can it be from the back or does it have to be front rack starting position? I’ve always done them from the front rack, but wanted to ask because its way easier to from behind the neck…

  2. Strength:

    A) 170# (5 below my pr of 175) missed one at 175 and one at 165 working up/ 105 for my 6 min emom, no misses

    B1) 145
    B2) 20kg/16kg/16kg/16kg The first one with 20kg was a bit to much probably could have gone 40# db’s but stuck with KB’s

    Skill: 8:06 went unbroken until i thought about it and effed up round 4 at 27 DU’s so redid the 30 and then into pistols.

    Opens Practice: got through all 4 rounds. no time left for row… but was happy completed all reps unbroken. def sucked… need drop this bug like a bad habit.

    Skipped yesterdays conditioning for this one, would have done both but not being healthy i decided to skip it for this prep.

  3. strength:
    A) 65kg- tied my PR but this time caught it in full squat which was the progress i was looking for. Got to full squat at 75kg but feet were too wide and knees collapsed so i dropped it. I need to get consistent foot placement on the catch and a little more hip mobility and the weight will climb quickly i think. emailed coaches eye to you. 40kg on the EMOM with no misses and all full squat catches

    B2) 16kg but had to use dumbbells as i dont have matching sets of KB

    Didn’t time it but went unbroken except for round 4 where i messed up at 28. so pissed.

    display is broken on my rower so i rowed for 4min which would be a slow 1000m then went unbroken on the 4 rounds and rowed for 45 seconds to finish.

    *** side note to anyone who can help. I am deployed and lucked into a C2 rower here. The display works but it only reads zero’s. the sensor wire looks good to the sensor and tried the battery out reset like the website says but it still doesnt work. It doesn’t have that card that goes in it. Does it need that to work properly? any help or ideas on whats wrong with it would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Strength:
    A) 120/85#.
    B1) 125/3×115#
    B2) 35#

    Skills: done, took for ever as I tripped million Times on 21-22-24reps. So frustrating. Pistols easy.

    Conditioning: 151m. RX

  5. 185 for snatch max. Hit that every time this week I think. 195 is max. Almost got it today.
    110 for emoms

    Srdl to high pull155 and 20 kg kettlebell for bay wings.

    Skill all unbroken.

    Rx the wod but only 80 meters as final score. That was killer.
    Really loving this.

  6. Strength
    A) 185 – 2xF195 – 1xF190
    (haven’t failed 195 in awhile)
    B1) 175
    B2) 16kg

    Skill – done,
    fastest .51 seconds, slowest 1:12

    343 meters

  7. Strength:
    A. 215 (5# PR)
    60% done at 130

    B1. done at 185
    B2. first 2 sets done with 35# KBs, 3rd & 4th done with 25# KBs

    5 rounds done UB, no misses

    got through 1k row & 3 rounds + 19 reps
    very disappointed I didn’t finish all 4 rounds

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