Happy New Years: Here’s to 2014

2013 has been one of the greatest years of my life. So much has happened and so much has changed in such a small time. As I look back on the past 365 days I am bewildered at all that the Lord has given to me and blessed my family with. I can’t believe He’s done so much in just one year. My original plan for this post was to list, in order, the top 10 things that happened this year. I quickly realized there’s neither a good way to rank them nor could I limit it to just 10. Therefore, I am going to simply start rattling the top moments of 2013 off the top of my head until I can think of no more.

Before I do that I want to thank each of for reading this blog. It’s mind-blowing that this has been going for a year now and has morphed into all that it is. That fact is literally because of readers and followers like you who take the time (sometimes wasted time) to read this daily. I do all of this for people like you.

2014 promises to be a year full of as much surprise, blessings, and growth as 2013. I am looking forward to what 2014 hold and can’t begin to imagine how that will pan out. However, what I can guess is that 2014 has big shoes to fill to match up to all that has happened in 2013. Here goes…

Top moments/events of 2013: (co-authored by my wife Megan)

Emma Katherine Arnold. Megan and I were ecstatic and beyond blessed with being pregnant. We are pumped to receive her into this world in March.

photo (1)

Nationals 2013: To have medaled at the preceding American Open then turn around and medal at Nationals was exceptional. PR’d my total and hit numbers I hadn’t ever hit as a 69kg. This meet was memorable for me being that I had never been on the podium at a National Championship nor had I ever been close. To stand next to Caleb and Mike on that podium was just a taste of gratification for all the work put in over the years.

– In tandem with the 2013 Nationals, the 2013 American Open not because I succeeded but because I failed miserably and sometimes the best catalyst for success is failure.

– Working with The Outlaw Way and Rudy: My year would not have been half of what it was were it not for Outlaw and Rudy. I got to travel the country and the world with the staff teaching Crossfitters about weightlifting and exercise. I literally can remember thinking I was living in a dream world every weekend. Not to mention, I got to meet with and work with some of the better athletes in the sport and learn a ton along the way. My experiences with Outlaw are quite possibly the catalyst for all that I am able to do now and I could not be more grateful for their part in my 2013.

– The Riggins wedding. Couldn’t be more happy for Jason and Elizabeth this year.

– Lifts like this, this, and this. They literally make this sport fun and traumatizing enough to keep me coming back.

CryoUSA, Kinetic Sports Therapy, Webster Chiropractic, and Active Spine and Sport sponsored, supported, and fixed me all year long. I could not be more grateful for their partnership and work as I could do half of what I do week in and week out without them.

– Joining the Texas Barbell team and working with Ursula week in and week out. Could not be more happy to join these teammates and gain the experience and prestige of having Ursula as my coach.

– Getting to experience the coolest muscle-up competition in history and lose to the one and only Mike Poppa. And I got to do it in Finland.

– Working each and every day with my partners, coaches, and athletes at Crossfit Deep. I could not be more blessed to spend my day with these guys and girls and call what I do everyday a “job”.

– The inaugural Faith RX Camp at Crossfit Central. That weekend was eye-opening and the beginning of something that is certain to grow exponentially in 2014. Beginning in February in Charlotte.

Group Prayer

– The Regionals for 2013. My first experiences coaching athletes through a regional event did not disappoint. We were so close with Jason, Jeff and Ingrid and we got Matt and Natalie in for the first time. Some of the most dramatic workouts and weekends I have ever been a part of. I’m looking forward to more of the same this year.

group me germond hoggan

I think I could literally write these all day long. This year has been incredible. Here’s to 2014. Happy New Years!


One response to “Happy New Years: Here’s to 2014

  1. It’s been a wild year and thanks for keeping us all in the loop, it’s been fascinating to watch your growth and progress!

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