140101: Deep Barbell

A) CJ to max (allow for 2 misses at 90% or above) then 75/2*3 sets

A) Backsquat: Find 3RM in 10 min
B) Pendlay Row: 4 sets of 8 AHAP
C) Weighted Situps: 4 sets of 10


24 responses to “140101: Deep Barbell

  1. “On Wednesdays we will hit power movements to max effort but will stay away from full movements”

    Not in week1?

  2. I see the time cap for the back squat, are there time caps for the snatch/c&j. Also, been wondering this for a while – in the prescription of 80/2+1 for c&j, does that mean 1 clean plus 1 c&j, or something else? Thanks

  3. I always struggle with the “find a _ Max in _ mins” I feel rushed and out of sync. Just wondering what is the benefit, or theory behind finding you max within specific time limits?

  4. M/18/178

    A.) 255 (10# pr)-195
    A whole lot better than Monday. Haha.
    A.) 285 (20# pr)
    B.) 145
    C.) 45#

  5. 205# today’s CJ max in 12min; 155/2*3
    235# today’s BS 3RM in 10min
    135# 4 sets of 8 Pendlay Rows
    45# 4 sets of 10 Sit-ups

  6. A. 100/75. I’m hitting the same numbers from day one. I hope it’s b/c my form is improving.

    A. 140. Walked out 147 and my legs said, ‘nope’.
    B. 90
    C. 20/25/30/35

  7. M/38/190

    215 (pr – 10lbs). Sets at 170.

    320 3rm (20 lb pr. Not to failure…quit while ahead).

  8. Did this one day late due to gym being closed on New Years.

    A: 185. Felt extremely heavy today. Sets at 140.

    A: 200
    B: Skipped due to crowded class.
    C: 44-44-53-70

    • PM Oly:
      A) 230
      drop sets at 176
      Noticed on video i was looping the bar again and folding because i lose it out front. Need to work on pulling longer and straighter

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