131231: Deep Barbell

A) Snatch: Find max (allow up to 3 misses) then 75/3* 4 sets
B) Snatch Pull to Power Position at hip: 100/4* 4 sets

A) Push Press: 60-70/3* 4 sets *based off max jerk
B) Strict Toes To Bar: 3 sets of 10


13 responses to “131231: Deep Barbell

  1. Damn. Second day of the new program and I already have to miss a day! Not by choice, but the gym closes at 10 today and I am at work til noon.

  2. A. 80kg (again). Drop sets are helping better see how/why I’m missing bigger weight. Good stuff.
    B. 90kg
    A. 77kg
    B. Done….but found doing these with ‘active shoulders’ really amplifies the work.

    • A) 203 new PR!!! (+5 lbs) no misses on the way up until 203, missed the first 2 attempts and then hit it
      drop sets at 152
      B) 203

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