131229: Deep Barbell

Rest Day. Big week coming up.


4 responses to “131229: Deep Barbell

  1. Hey guys, I have a question and I think that might have some good answer for it: How do I cut some weight (belly fat etc.), but without loosing strength or adding conditioning (As Spencer wrote he would advise against adding conditioning because of the volume)? I would really like to get more lean and stepping down a weight class, but I don’t know how to… I appreciate any advise!
    – Thanks (and sorry for noob question + poor English skills…)

  2. I just wanted to post this somewhere: I’m following a week behind so today I would have been doing the 131221 work, but instead I had my first meet. Been following the programming since it started and back then my PRs were 185lbs and 205lbs. Today I went 3/3 on snatch and hit 83-86-90 for a 1kg pr. On c&j i went 1/3 100x-103-110x, successfully cleaned all of them just didn’t have great lockout on the jerks.

    Thanks for the programming!

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