3 Notables

I want to make 3 statements real quick today.

1- My partner in crime Mike Poppa smoked a 275# snatch for a PR yesterday. He and I have been in a race to 300 for a year now. He previously had hit 270# where my best is 277#. That makes this race VERY tight. However, our race to 300 is far from the story of the video. Watch full speed version below… you’ll notice what I am talking about. In case you don’t I published a slow-mo video plus a commentary. Congrats Big Poppa!
Mike Poppa 275# Snatch
Mike Poppa 275# Snatch Slow-Mo + Commentary

2- Holy Cow yall know how to PR in a big way! I saw, read, or watched more PR Front Squats than I thought possible. That’s solid work! I expect the same work on Friday for the Back Squat. Seriously. Don’t let me down. If you emailed me that video in Coach’s Eye. Send it again in an actual file with your name, the weight, and amount of # pr in the subject line. I am going to make a compilation video. At this rate it will be 2 hours long.

3- I am still going to post Thursday as a rest day and Work for Wednesday. Yes I know that is like blasphemy that people would work out on Christmas. But lets be honest… most of you are crazy enough to do it and when your kids crash from the cinnamon rolls, cookies, and candy canes at 10am you’ll have the time. If you don’t workout on Christmas (which I advise) then take it as a rest day and do the work on Thursday. Enjoy.


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