Some Videos Worth Taking a Look At

To go along with the programming today I wanted to add some motivation heading into this week.

Sasser and I have been working on this clean and jerk (jerk especially) over the last 15 weeks. He has recently been stalled and hadn’t see much improvement in his lifts.

Then after some time out here in Dallas this happened.

Sasser 290# Snatch

As we have continued to work on his squat and his overhead stability we started to see some improvement in the CJ as well. To give yall some background, I gave Sasser weekly Jerk Auxiliary work that he has seen some MASSIVE improvement in. Every week Sasser was holding Split Jerks in the Split for 10 seconds, Split Jerk Recoveries with Max Holds Overhead, and Holding Jerks Overhead and Walking around the gym with it.

All of that work led to this last week:

Sasser 345# CJ PR

Sasser 350# Clean (And FS) PR

Proof that it sometimes months to see even the slightest improvement.

Oh and then there’s this… Props to Gary Roberts and CF Predators for this.
Rise and Grind


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