131223: Deep Barbell

A) Snatch: 75/2*4 sets
B) Snatch Deadlift: 100/3*3 sets

B) Weighted Pullups: 4 sets of 5 reps AHAP


23 responses to “131223: Deep Barbell

  1. Spencer, I have been following the outlaw barbell programming since before this 10 week cycle, should I continue out the cycle on the outlaw way or just switch over to deep barbell now? If not now when should I switch over for the 6 week Bulgarian cycle? I would like to continue to follow your programming, but have notices some differences in the past few training sessions between Outlaw BB & Deep BB.


    • Matt, I am no longer doing the Outlaw Barbell or Outlaw Way programming so I have no idea what that programming is geared for. They likely will not do a Bulgarian cycle. I would switch to Deep now to prepare for that coming up.

      • Great, thank you!
        Followed that last week on outlaw barbell, finished with a 10lb (almost 15lb) PR C&J @ 280 just missed the jerk @ 85


        1) 170#
        2) 225#

        1) 340# 5lb PR
        2) Later

  2. Weightlifting
    A) 150
    B) 205
    A) 275 (15# PR)
    B) did strict no weight

    Spencer do you want us to post our video on here or email them to you?

  3. Hey Spencer,

    I was on Outlaw’s CrossFit programming for about 9 months before I started following Outlaw Barbell, and I’m going to continue your routine here. Love the programming. Thanks for keeping it available.

    I never really posted much but wanted to today.

    A) 155#
    B) 215#

    A) 300lbs – 25lb PR from pre-cycle FS max (@79kg BW)
    B) 30lbs

  4. Hey Spencer,

    Been following your 10 wk squat cycle on Outlaw and have gotten great results. I hit a 30# PR mid-cycle and another 30# PR on Monday.

    Thanks a ton man!


    • PM Strength:
      A) 275 lbs +15 PR
      Really happy with this, I was pretty sick towards the end of the cycle and failed some reps, couldn’t complete the 100% day. I was afraid my max had gone down.
      B) 53 lbs

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