To Answer Your Questions

Since making the announcement of my leaving Outlaw lets just say there has been no small amount of congrats, encouragement, and questions. Wow do yall have questions. Rightfully so I guess but good night! I reckon the best the option here is answer them instead of taking the easy route and ignoring them and pretend they weren’t asked.

Question 1: Will this Deep Performance Programming prepare me for the Opens?
– Absolutely! The program is 100% designed to prepare you for the Opens. I know that 98% of the people who are following my programming are looking to excel in the Opens. For most of you the Opens is your playoffs and you’re hoping to do better than you did last year or maybe make Regionals. This program is to that end. HOWEVER, when you make Regionals AND if you have been posting your results on the blog then things will change for you. I will be doing some different, private Regional training plans for those of you who make it. That will be published on a separate, private blog to help prepare yall who make it to Regionals. The current Deep Performance blog will be to prepare for the Opens and post-Opens thus your the season will start over again to begin preparing for next year.

Question 2: What is Deep Barbell preparing me for?
– Deep Barbell is designed to prepare its followers strictly for Olympic Weightlifting meets. IT IS NOT A CROSSFIT PROGRAM nor should conditioning be added to it. The volume is simply too high. Secondly, it will be 6 days a week moving forward instead of 5 as I believe lifters can take more loading because of the rest intervals and how specific their training is. This is especially true if the tonnage, loading, and number of lifts is calculated correctly. Lastly, Deep Barbell is designed to prepare its followers for 4 meets a year. The Arnolds (early March), A local meet (Mid-May), Nationals (late-July) and The American Open (early December). Anything else will not specifically be considered in the training plan.

Question 3: Will the programming look like what Outlaw has been for the past couple months and if not what is the difference?
– Yes and No. What attracted me to Outlaw originally was the shared belief in the utility of the Olympic lifts and the necessity for strength. That part of the program will remain consistent as I have been doing that programming for Outlaw anyways and will continue to show similar lifting templates on this site. HOWEVER, I have some pretty different beliefs as far as skill development, intensity levels, energy systems, and necessity for longer time domain training. In that aspect, Outlaw and I differ greatly. That aspect of the conditioning will look slightly different as a result of that. I will explain those beliefs and theories in a full post at a later date.

Question 4: Can I have the template for the Front Squat/Back Squat program. Yes! At the end of this cycle (so next week) I will be posting a document for you to download to keep and put other people through. The best thing about enduring hard programming is watching your friends suffer through it later.

Question 5: If I want to just be fit and stay in shape is Deep Performance the program I should follow?
– Potentially. Deep Performance will certainly get you in shape. However, its purpose is the Opens thus competitive Crossfit. Will you get fit in the process of training for the Opens? Yes. However, there are 100 different ways to get in shape and be fit. This is a high intensity way to achieve that. If you’re up for the challenge and think you can hang then bring it. Otherwise there’s Zumba, spin class, pilates, P90X, and the treadmill. Feel free to explore those options…

Hope that helps answer your questions.

Oh and for all of you following. I need two things from you. First, make sure and hashtag #deepperformance or #deepbarbell in posts about the program etc. Second, post your results and send me some flipping video! The whole reason I do this is because I like seeing yall succeed. Yall rob me of that joy when you don’t post or send video. Don’t be lazy… it takes 2 seconds. (For some of yall’s squats it may take 10 but whatever)


11 responses to “To Answer Your Questions

  1. Nice. Can’t wait to keep reading and see your programming, athletes performances, etc. Excited for you Spencer!

  2. Spencer, thanks for the details and I’m looking forward to what you have planned for us. – The crew at Oregon Crossfit (we met you in Medford a few months back) are planning to follow and hopefully we can get our athletes to post on the site!

  3. Been following Outlaw since August. Your part in the BBG and strength has helped me make gains, and, I agree with your differing opinions on conditioning and the need for longer time domains. Soon as I heal up, I look forward to following your programming and seeing where it leads!

  4. Spencer, ive been reading your barbell program for a few months and would like to follow it in 2014. Only being able to train 3 days a week (tues/thurs/sat) and your program being 6 day a week, i want to know how i should follow the program. For instance do Mondays program on Tuesday, tuesday or wednesdays program on thursday, or just stick to what is posted for the day. Thanks.

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