Remote Coaching

The daily programming provided on Deep Performance and Barbell is free but should you want something more, we offer remote coaching. Cleaning up technique and performing the movements as flawlessly as possible—especially is a hard task and one that takes the eyes of a trained professional with an objective eye.

Here are the basics of how our remote coaching works…

What is expected of you, the athlete:

Moving forward I will need to following pieces of information from you:
You need to connect to the following link and set up payment for the remote coaching. This will automatically set you up for payment each month. Once you are setup I will receive a confirmation email to begin the coaching.

Follow the programming as best as possible. I may give you some exercises to complete in warmups and in off days to help with bad habits or movement patterns but otherwise follow the blog to a tee.

Daily Emails: I expect to receive a daily email from you with a summary of how the workout went, strengths and weaknesses, and at least two videos of your lifts. You will receive a response back from me (or one of my coaches) via email in 36-48 hours. I will analyze 2 of your lifts either through Coach’s Eye. Please send me your videos in a file attached to the email.

I also want to know both your current stats and your future goals. Send me a list of your max effort lifts (and videos if possible) and a handful of your benchmark times. Also include where you would like to see those improve to in the next 6 months to a year.

Depending on the volume of remote coaching clients I will either personally be coaching you, or I may have one of my coaches at Crossfit Deep Ellum assist me with your coaching. In the case that I ask one of my coaches to take your coaching, you will be introduced to him or her personally.

If you have any questions please email me at


3 responses to “Remote Coaching

  1. Spencer

    I need some help with my snatch and would like to have you watch a bunch of videos I’ve made. I follow Outlaw way but only get the chance wo workout 3-4x a week because of my work schedule.

    I am really struggling wih my snatch technique and need a trained eye to watch my videos. I am happy to do a month of remote coaching but will only snatch 1-2x a week.

    Can you tell me how we can make this work?



    • Hey Brian good question. we can definitely work something out. You may have already done this but shoot me an email and we can work an arrangement out that way. MY inbox needs some work done to it but I will get to your email.

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