131221: Deep Performance

If you are following this and have questions take a look at my blog post for answers. Otherwise here is the work. I’m ready for next week to see some squat PR’s.

A) CJ: (%/reps*sets): 60/2, 70/2, 75/2+1, 80/1, 85/1, 90/1, 95/1*3 sets, rest 2 min between sets
B1) FS into Push Jerk x 3 @ 70% of CJ Max, rest 45 sec
B2) Jerk Drives x 3 @ 110%-115% of Jerk Max, rest 45 sec

A) Every other minute on the minute x 12 min: 3-5 UB MU + 30 sec L-Hold @ top of rings
* use 9 C2B Pullups if you can’t do MU and do L-Hold on Pullup bar

AMRAP in 12 min:
30 Cal Airdyne
20 KB Snatch e/a (does not have to touch ground each rep, 53/35)
20 HR Pushups
20 Wall Ball (30/20) (yes 30/20 into the airdyne..)


13 responses to “131221: Deep Performance

  1. May I ask what the Deep Performance and Deep Barbell stuff is? Confused as to how this differs from the WODs, is this stuff for competitors who are coming in on times outside of the class times? What is a horse shoe? What does a horse shoe do? Is anybody listening to me?

  2. Why does only 1 of the CJ sets have a +1? I thought in the past the first number was the clean then after the + was the jerk. Is that servitude only one we are doing a jerk in or are we just doing 1 extra jerk.

    *currently deployed, I have been doing military athlete for @6 months and got turned on to outlaw a few weeks back and love it now followed you over here. Congrats on all the new stuff going on, I look forward to seeing where this takes me.

    • Hey Lindsey got your email as well. Yes that might be a bit confusing. I use the 2+1 to indicate 2 cleans and 1 jerk. I use just a 2 to indicate 2 clean and jerks and I use 2+2 to indicate 2 cleans followed by 2 jerks. Does that help?

  3. Good session today and yesterday Spencer. Todays didnt look bad on paper but it kicked in pretty hard. Look forward to continuing the performance sessions.

    Justin- he posted a blog entry explaining these sessions as far as what they are for. It does not however talk about how they integrate at the gym.

    A) 195, 230, 245, 260, 275, 295, 310(2 misses)
    B1) 230
    B2) 365

    A) Done-2 MU w/ knee raises

    2 rds + 30

  5. Strength
    A) 78, 91, 98, 104, 110, 117, 124kg (1 miss)
    B1) 91
    B2) 152

    A) 5mu, :30 hold first 3 rounds

    Conditioning: 1 round + 20 push ups

    A) 95, 110, 120, 130, 135, 145, 155
    B1) 115
    B2) 180

    A) 3 banded mu w/ knee raises

    2 rds

  7. A) missed 2 jerks at 95%
    B1) no miss
    B2) 300

    Skill: done – 30 second L-sits didn’t all happen like they should have, abs smoked from ghd’s last night! always exposing weaknesses!

    2 rds +15 calories

  8. 39/6’2″/200#

    Barbell Yoga: off 110kg
    All makes to 95%

    B1. 77kg
    B2. 125kg

    Skill: Done w/3UB (no room to swing so it’s a pretty strict MU)

    Cond: 2 rounds (sub’d row for Airdyne)

  9. Trying to post for the 3rd time :))))

    A) done off 180#, no misses, really glad about that.
    B 1) 125#
    B 2) 190/195/195/200

    Skills: done C2B, no UB though, huge weakness for me, L-holds on the rings.

    Conditioning: 1+30 snatches. Subbed for row.

  10. STR
    Completed all these (A&B) off 215 max and no misses throughout

    A) 5 MU’s each time was easy… the L sit after yesterdays 25+ GHD sit ups each minute for 3 rounds was rough… ended up about 10 sec Lsit into a knee raise hold)

    2 rds + 30
    (didnt know how to do the snatches so kept them 20 on an arm then to the next arm for 20… felt i could have gone quicker if i switched this up a bit and did 5-10 and switched arms back and forth to get the 20/20)

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