A New Season: Deep Performance and Barbell

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven”

(Ecclesiastes 3:1, ESV)

Life brings new developments and rapid change.  That’s the beauty of a life in which we are consumed with pursuing our passions.  It never gets boring or stagnant.  Over the past 2 years I have had the distinct privilege of working with and helping to build The Outlaw Way.  That experience has been invaluable, the friends as loyal as they come, and the knowledge gained is worth far more than any financial gain.  However, that season has come to an end.  For many different reasons the time has come for me step down as Outlaw’s Assistant Head Coach and Olympic Lifting Coach.  I am leaving Outlaw with very few regrets and a ton of indispensable experiences.  The list of once-in-a-lifetime things I got to do as a part of Outlaw is VERY long.  I will sincerely miss those experiences as well as the staff.

Rudy Spencer

However, the horizon is bright and the future full of possibilities.  Megan and I have a baby girl (Emma Katherine) on the way.  Our gym Crossfit Deep is opening a new 20,000 s/f facility in the next couple months.  The options for continued work with elite level athletes, traveling to meet and lead so many different people, and the ability to continue to pursue my passions as a coach are limitless.  I am excited for what the next season will hold.

With that truth in mind, one of my greatest passions has always been programming and more recently leading athletes through online coaching.  Since taking over all the barbell gymnastics, strength work, and weightlifting for Outlaw’s programming I have found it extremely gratifying to see all the athletes succeed and excel.  Furthermore, when Rudy handed the programming over to me as the lead for our Games level athletes I could not have been more nervous and excited to work with them individually.  Those experiences have pushed me to learn more than I thought was possible and that knowledge will continue to benefit anyone who cares to trust me with their programming.

I will still be posting programming daily on this blog for now.  Those workouts will be posted under the tabs here and here titled Deep Performance and Deep Barbell.  In the not so distant future a website will launch specifically for that programming and anyone who cares to follow it.  For now it will continue to post on my blog as we create the website.

Thank yall for reading this blog and trusting me as a resource on the sport of weightlifting and Crossfit.  A year ago when I wrote my first post I never thought for a minute that I would still be doing this a year later and that I would love it so much.  I write this for yall and can’t thank yall enough for giving me daily material and motivation.


11 responses to “A New Season: Deep Performance and Barbell

  1. Absolutely love it spencer. You’re a great coach and I can’t wait to meet your baby girl! 🙂

    Sincerely, Ingrid Kantola

    Facility Director | Event Director | Assistant Coach CrossFit Central Downtown 702 East 3rd Street Austin, TX 78701

    Cell- 512-789-3159 Gym- 512-469-1724 http://www.crossfitcentral.com http://www.thetriune.co

    Tumblr- ingridkantola.tumblr.com Twitter- twitter.com/ingridkantola Instagram- ingridkantola

    BA UCLA ’08 MEd. University of Texas ’12 Sent from my iPhone


  2. 20,000 Sqf ? thats crazy !! Good luck Spencer, I have learned a lot in the past year thanks to your blog. Does this mean you will not attend the Outlaw camp in San Antonio?

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