Texas State Championship Meet

I wanted to take a day and promote a great meet coming up. The deadline is fast approaching and if you are in the state of Texas OR a bordering state and looking for a quality local meet check this one out.

Last year the Texas State Championship drew over 150 lifters over 2 days. We have already exceeded that number in registration up to this point. Due to the high demand and popularity of this meet we have secured a great venue this year.

Last year we had the event in the Frisco Sport Complex gym. This year we will be holding the meet at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre ballroom. We are expecting more lifter this year than last and as such are creating the best meet the state has ever seen. If you are coming in from out of town there is a special event rate to stay at the meet hotel AND it provides direct access to the lifting venue.

Local meets are notorious for being poorly run, poorly staffed and judged, and always late. This meet can guarantee to be just the opposite. The same staff and sponsoring club that put on the American Open here in Dallas (which was ironically ahead of schedule) will be running this event.

This event deadline is approaching quick so sign up ASAP. This will be one of the few local meets in the country that gives the competitor a National meet perspective without the pressure of a National meet environment.

If you are interested here is the link to sign up: Texas State Championship and Open


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