Keep It Fun


Yes that’s a HIGH SCHOOL indoor practice facility

I spent the evening yesterday and will spend most of the day today at the All Cities Open at Rockwall Heath high School. We have four CrossFit teams competing as well as two individuals. Last night the teams and individuals were tasked with completing a 5 mile ruck run. It was cold, raining, and evidently very muddy. The event that was before our competitors did not look super glamorous and was not your typical CrossFit style event that they had signed up and trained for. However, what I noticed about all of them was their attitude toward the event.

There is something to be said about approaching and completing an athletic event with confidence, concentration, and poise and all the while still managing to have fun and enjoy every second of it. Our teams and individuals did just that last night. No sport or athletic venture is worth doing if you aren’t at least having fun doing it. Weightlifting can be terrible. It’s the same movements every day day in and day out. However you can bet your life that if I did not enjoy the training and the competition aspects of weightlifting that I would not have given my life to the sport so far. I was truly impressed with the mental strength and perspective our competitors gave to the ruck run last night. That type of mental edge is hard to beat and will pay dividends in their longevity in the sport and in this specific competition. Remember to have fun doing what you love. Don’t ever let what you love become routine and something you dread.


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