The Looping Bar In The Clean

Most lifters who have looked at any critiques of the Olympic lifts or studied the Olympic lifts at all can easily spot some of the looping, arc-like mistakes in bar track for the snatch. These mistakes are often highlighted and more often given an immense amount of attention and critiques by shows up However, the same problem often shows in the clean. But since the receiving position for the clean is not overhead, often these technical inefficiencies go unnoticed. In fact, I would say that these technical inefficiencies can go years without being noticed and rear their ugly head at just the wrong time. My opener at the American open is a great example of this problem.

Below you’ll find a video of one of my clients doing this exact thing. He’s a very good lifter and could out lift most people who will read this blog. However he did make a mistake and did send that video to me making him for game for this critique. Take a look at the link below to see what happens when the bar loops out away from you in the clean and how it impacts your receiving position in the bottom of the squat. Enjoy.

Gary Roberts Looping Clean Bartrack


6 responses to “The Looping Bar In The Clean

  1. Thanks for the video Spencer. One thing that continues to be confusing for me is how to use the hips to move the bar vertically-I often read that hip extension should not push the bar away from the body. But the bar is supposed to make contact with the hips at some point. Given that the hips start behind the feet, and, during hip extension, move forward to above the feet (while they move vertically as the lifter stands up), won’t the hips always push the bar out a little?

    Or is the idea that the hips should only hit the bar when the hips are stopping their forward motion anyway, when the bar is already moving upward, so there is not meaningful impact to the bar by the hips that will push the bar out?

    Is this a horrible idea: get in a globo-gym squat rack that restricts the bar path, and practice some cleans to get a feel for a vertical bar path? It’s probably a horrible idea.

  2. What I mean by squat rack are the racks that guide the barbell with vertical bars and bearings, and that have hooks to rack the bar at different heights. Here’s a bad picture:

    I’m beginning to answer my own question – probably a bad idea.

  3. Do you have any drills one can practice to change this bar path? I’m having the same problem with this loop in both the snatch and C&J. Light weights it’s fine but heavier I loose it every time. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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