Need A Plan

Over the past couple days we are supposed to be relaxing and working out only sparingly. What that means is I go to the gym and do things I love to do or movements that I desire to do that day. What I’ve found is that I am for the most part completely unproductive and unmotivated when this is the case.

I need a plan. Having a daily/weekly workout plan gives us direction and accountability. It’s also very important that you do not write your own plan as this gives too much room for what you will call “justified” change.

Plans give us the focus areas for the day, create goals and rep ranges that we must stick to, and guides us as far as volume and intensity go. Furthermore, creating your own plan gives the lifter too much leeway when the workouts get hard to modify, dumb them down, or ignore them altogether. I mean they did create it after all. Having an exterior coach program and give me a plan holds me accountable. I’m not answering to me alone. I’m answering to Ursula. That fact drives me. I don’t want to disappoint and I certainly don’t want to make a mockery of her programming by not doing it.

A plan provides a lot of things and sticking with that plan for more than just what suits you is critically important. Don’t think that you can create your own plan OR just look around you and assume you know best what to do in the weight room. Have an outside source do that. It keeps you honest, accountable, and driven.


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