Back To Work

Back in the gym today.  Lots to work on and a lot of fuel for the fire.  I can’t wait to put my head down over the next 6 months and go to work.  Ursula and I have some good ideas on how to change some of my technical inefficiencies that were exposed this weekend.  I am anxious to get started.  However, it’s important to remember that it’s Monday.  There is always a bit of a letdown after a big meet.  Normally I am excited to take a couple days (maybe a week) off and get out of the gym.  The replay from this weekend isn’t exactly giving me that option this time around.  However, I recognize that a down week is a pretty big necessity after big peaks in training.  There is always a little bit of a fallout after big ramp ups for meets.  The CNS and adrenals operated at a high intensity and the fallout forces a bit of fatigue that carries over to training.  To try and push the gas pedal immediately after is a exercise in futility.  However, technical work at lower percentages with low intensity can be beneficial if your desire is to be in the gym.  The journey for Nationals started today.  However, it’s a long road and I have to remember I won’t get there in one day.

All that aside, one of my athletes wrote a great write up of her experience at the American Open.  Nicole was the starting point guard at Hofstra University and her comparison of the AO to that experience is well worth the read.  She’s a competitor who, like me, thrives in competitive environments.  Here summary expresses that well.

The Road To The 2014 Games – The American Open



One response to “Back To Work

  1. Thnx for sharing Nicole’s experience. It was a great read. So looking forward to the after hours comedy, but the link didn’t work for me 😦

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