Trust It

Ok no more talk of the weight cut… it’s old news at this point for everyone except the people having to cut weight.  Here’s another topic that tends to catch my attention when I am preparing for a meet.

courtesy Olivia Daniel

courtesy Olivia Daniel

One of the hardest parts of the final week before a big meet is remembering all the results from the  previous training cycle and not having to hit those results daily.  This is one of my biggest temptations.  When I am training this week and feel great I want to push the gas pedal and go for PR weights every time I touch the bar.  For me, hitting the PR weights is a reminder that I’m ready and I’m strong.  However, this week every good lifter preparing for the meet is backing off and avoiding the urge to max.  If our training has gone as planned we’re supposed to be chomping at the bit to hit those heavy weights.

For me it comes down to trusting the training.  I have to trust the squats, the pulls, the complexes, and the singles.  I have to trust that all that work won’t just disappear.  I remember preparing for Nationals, 3 weeks out, I had a week where I couldn’t hit 85% of my max lifts if I tried my hardest.  During that week, I doubted all the results and work that had gone into Nationals prep.  However, one of the coaches at the gym said something subtle and likely forgettable that stuck with me.  Richard said, “you’ll be fine, you’re not just going to lose all you’ve done.”  He was right.  The strength came back just as we had planned and I hit a PR total at Nationals.

One of the biggest temptations I face all week is forgetting and not trusting the work that has been done.  Hard work performed the right way at the right time produces results.  Trust It.

2 days out…


2 responses to “Trust It

  1. Great post spencer. Your posts this week have been amazing. This was just what I needed to read today. Thanks for the time you put into this blog. So helpful. One more day…..

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