The Mystery… or some of it

The question I always get when I prepare for a big meet is how do I cut the weight?  I am going to give yall a couple secrets in this post that aren’t really secrets at all but some specific things that work really well for me.

First it should be stated that I generally eat terribly.  In fact, I would NEVER recommend my diet to anyone in the world except those that want to have heart problems, inflated blood pressure, stiff joints, and a much higher body fat percentage.  I am one of those weird individuals that “normal” people love to hate on for our “high metabolism.”  That being said, my less than controlled diet does lend me a bit of a benefit when it comes to weight cutting.  I never have a shortage of calories AND it makes a massive difference when I do eat well.

Everyone asks what the number one thing I do to cut weight is.  Simple, I eat healthy.  I know… mind blowing.  By healthy, I mean that I avoid processed foods and generally live by the rule that my ingredients should not have ingredients.

4 weeks out I eat a “paleo-ish” diet consisting of no processed grains (i.e. bread, pasta), no dairy (i.e. milk, cheese) and no sugar (i.e. everything that tastes good).  Then two weeks out I eliminate excess fats (avocado, nuts, seeds) except for bacon because I want to keep my sanity.  Furthermore, the size of my meals become very strict.  I eat my biggest meal in the morning and smallest in the evening.  I try to eat no later than 7pm if I can help it.

I also increase my water intake massively.  This both helps me feel full and helps me recover.  The “fullness” I get from the water will often help curb the emptiness I get in my stomach from the calorie deficiency.  Also, normally I hardly ever drink water.  Although I do have a little bit of a unhealthy addiction to Topo Chico, most of my liquids come in the form of coffee and sweet tea.  Neither of which are super-hydrating.  Thus, when I do increase my water intake my body reacts in a really positive manner and helps with recovery in a big way.

The week of competition (this week) I will break my normal 3 meal routine and eat the same amount of food but break it up over 5-6 meals.  It’s like I’m always eating but I’m never eating more than I have been.  This helps keep food in my stomach and allows my body to process the calories faster throughout the day in small chunks rather than all at once.  Lastly, 12 hours out I stop drinking water.  I know that many would tell me to stop 24 hours out.  However, I feel as though the hydration factor is the biggest deal for me.  In order for me to compete at the highest level I have to stay hydrated.  Thus 12 hours outs lets me both stay hydrated and keeps peeing all the way up to weigh in which eliminates any huge need for sauna/water reduction that so many experience.

That’s it.  The cat is out of the bag.  Big secret is simple.  Eat really clean and drink lots of water.

5 Days Out…



12 responses to “The Mystery… or some of it

  1. So all you have to do is eat clean. You dont have to add in any jogging or cardio to help you. If so as a coach what would have an athlete do when eating clean isnt enough?

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