Jason and I got the chance to go hang out with Derrick Johnson and his lifters at Paradiso Crossfit yesterday. They let us sling some weight with them in Venice Beach.

To my surprise I looked on their whiteboard and there was my Outlaw Barbell workout written out. Their lifters, at least some of them, we’re following Outlaw Barbell! It was super humbling to stumble upon this fact. For years I have benefitted from public programs and free plans. Men and women who care about the sport and care to see young lifters excel in it have published and released work for others to put into action. These men include Greg Everett, Gayle Hatch, Tim Swords, Kyle Pierce and many more.

I am the lifter I am today because these men were open with their ideas and theories. I only hope that the information and programming that I put out there may be the same for other lifters. Thank you Paradiso for trusting me and Outlaw with your athletes training and for paying me one of the biggest compliments I have received to date.


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