Great Day!

Some really cool things are happening at the Kansas City camp this weekend.  We are at NKC Crossfit.  This may be one of the smarter groups we have coached.  The afternoon lecture yesterday was filled with some serious questions about periodization, programming, and competition prep.  The best question we heard all day was asked to Jared and I.  They asked us if we each did specific accessory work on top of the programming for get from our coaches.

We answered the question very succinctly.  Of course we do other specific work for each of our weaknesses.  Jared tends to do more pulling to strengthen how the weight moves off the floor.  I do a lot more strength work and muscle-building work to both protect my joints AND because of my height I need to have an overabundance of strength.  The point there is pretty clear.  Jared and I both recognize strength deficiencies that impact our max totals.

That leads me to the point of this blog.  In Olympic weightlifting there is really only two things that need to be constantly taught, developed, and focused on.  Strength and technical precision.  Jared and I have both been lifting since before we were teenagers.  We have been working on the technical side of the lifts for over 12 years.  At this point strength is our biggest deficiency.  So that is our focus.

As new lifters, technical precision is most important.  However, the capacity to put that precision to work is developed through strength development.

Also this happened today: 210kg Back Squat PR


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