American Weightlifting Documentary


There’s been many books written by Americans detailing the mechanics, mindset, and program design for American weightlifting. There are also many men and women who have come long before my time to form the sport and create a foundation on which my generation is able to participate. For these man I am thankful and so should the rest of the weightlifting world.

However, coming out on November 16 something new is about to hit our repertoires as coaches. Greg Everett is debuting his documentary on weightlifting titled “American Weightlifting.” Based on the reviews by those who have seen sneak previews and based on Greg’s words himself this video should prove to be a great opportunity to gain some insight into the sport of American weightlifting at its roots all the way through today.

The sport of American weightlifting is growing. Nobody can deny this fact as the upcoming American Open Championships is at a record high number of attendees increasing from 280 last year to 400 participants this year. The sport is growing largely in part to the education and exposure given by CrossFit and because younger generation coaches are taking it upon themselves to keep the sport alive and growing. This documentary is not only attributed to the men and women who helped the sport get off the ground in its early days but also to the men and women who have most recently given their entire lives to see its growth. Many of the new weightlifters today who are becoming interested in the sport or have recently been exposed to it have no idea about the rich history and roots of the sport. This documentary will give them the opportunity to see what we’ve come from and where were going.

Greg makes sure to include some of the newer coaches who are fighting hard at the ground level to develop lifters who will eventually become World contenders and World champions. This is an opportunity for new weightlifters to see where the sport of weightlifting in America could go. Order the documentary now and not only give tribute to a masterpiece from Greg Everett but use it as an opportunity to take a look back at our history and get excited about where were going.

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